Welcome to the Hall of Greatness!

Welcome to the Hall of Greatness!

Imagine a palace of the mind, devoted to all things great. We believe, as Aristotle did, that all things exist on a scale of good to bad, and that every thing that exists potentially has its greatest and worst forms, and a lot of mediocre forms in between.

But, because “Greatness” can be subjective — even including the types of things we might consider for “great” status — these are personal palaces. While we will try to add some rigor to determine why something deserves to be considered great, not everyone may agree with those as the most important criteria. And what one person decides is worthy of inclusion might not be accepted by all.

But imagine an actual place where we debated and discussed, where we act as individual curators for our own personal halls of greatness, and try to share with others what makes them so great. This is that place.

Anything and anyone can be great. And while we will devote most of our time and space here devoted to movies, music, tv, video games, comic books, and media of all kinds, history, hobbies, the outside world, current events, etc, there is no limit to what can be curated into our own museums. Want to celebrate a bologna sandwich? No doubt there exists one that truly is great.
Sometimes bad things are “great,” too. Oftentimes something is so terrible it becomes great because of how awful it is. Some things and people should be celebrated for being the best at being the worst.

But there is, generally, too much negativity out there, and we need to take time to celebrate the things which are great. Also, I want to a fun space to hang out with my friends and my kids.

So join us on this journey, won’t you? And have a great time.

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